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Shortwave Infrared Paint Curing Equipment:
Model: IR2

saves time, saves energy, best curing quality, provides optimal glossy coating, offers you great profitability.

It's infrared!    No harmful ultroviolet (UV) rays!

arr_2 Features:

arr computerized: micro-processor inside. solid state relay control
arr digital keypad: simple, easy operation and control
arr 2 timers for flash-off (pre-heating/warming-up) and full baking/cure
arr 2 timers switches from one another automatically and smoothly
arr automatic timed shut-off: reduces the chance of paint finish damage due to
arr 3 switches: power switch and lamp switches
arr independent switch for each lamp: you can turn on only one lamp or both
arr Philips/Local IR emitter: designed specially for car paint curing. fast drying.
arr powerful heat penetration directly into inner paint layers to accelerate
molecular reaction of paint.
arr super fast drying for polyurethane paint (double-component paint) for
limousine, single-component coating and water-based paint.
arr remarkably saves time: dries paint within only 1/3 time of that by
  traditional dryers
arr durable IR bulb(emitter).
arr even heat radiation
arr high-light, wide-angle, fully focused reflector
arr uniform, focused cure area: no hot or cold spots.
arr digital LED for time display
arr cassette can rotate 360 degrees
arr full height "slide and lock" bracket.
arr bolt through column: no danger of dropping to ground.
arr easy to do maintenance:
arr 1. replaceable bulb / tube / lamp.
arr 2. cleanable, solvent-resistant reflector
arr 3. removable protective grill
arr strong, durable column (stainless) and pedestal construction

Plugs of various country standards are availble for all models.
For example: UK plug, European plug, Australian plug, etc.

arr_2 Specifications:

       IR2 specifications:
 ar1  Max power:
 ar1  Input voltage
50/60Hz(1ph), 220/240V
 ar1  Timing range:
2*60mins; for flashing and curing
 ar1  Drying time:
about 5 minutes for single-component coating; about 15 minutes for double-component paint
 ar1  Curing area:
0.6M x 0.8M
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